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Multy Fuction Snap-in & Surface mount Type

SM006 Series
  Rating : 10mA 5V DC
  Travel : 0.25mm

  Incremental type
  A push on switch with a clear-click operational feel
  An encoder with detents and excellent
  operational feel

  Menu selection and input for Audio Visual Equipment
  Level controls for car audio & navigation system
  Portable audio devices, Personal digital assistant.

Main specifications
  Encoder Push on
Rating 10mA 5V DC 0.5mA 16V DC
Detent(pulse) /Travel 30 detent (15 pulses) 0.25mm
Contact Resistance 1 Ω max. 100mΩ max.
Operating Force 100gf 350gf (□□ : 35)
without push on switch (□□ : 00)
Operating Life 15,000 Cycles 20,000 Cycles
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