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Surface mount Type ( 3-direction operation Thin type)

1305 Series
  Rating : 10mA 5V DC
  Travel : 0.9mm Min.

  Lever and push operation type lever switch.
  Feedback for push and side action.
  Compact size allows high-density components mounting.
  With guide boss structure.

  Compact, portable units.
  For selecting modes of digital camcorders, digital cameras.
  Mobile devices such as PDA, mobile phones.
  Operating signal input switches, etc.

Main specifications
Rating 10mA 5V DC
Travel 0.9mm Min.
Operating temperature '-20℃ ~ 70℃ ( 45% ~ 85% RH )
Bounce 10 m sec max.
Operating Force Lever portion : 70gf Push portion : 200gf
Operating Life 100,000 Cycles
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